Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here is what you can do

Local citizens of Thessaloniki urge us all to email, fax, and above all CALL these local officials!

The 16th Department of Antiquities in Thessaloniki

Local citizens are urging supporters to contact its Director and asking for this site to be properly protected, maintained, and available for excavation and restoration. 

The Director of the 16th Department of Antiquities in Thessaloniki Προϊστάμενος:
Βασιλική Μισαηλίδου-Δεσποτίδου
Department Contact Information:
Phone: +30 2310 801,402.801428, 801429, 801424
Fax: +30 2310 801425

Local citizens need your help turning up the heat by applying pressure on those local officials that have allowed this National Treasure to be desecrated and marked for entombment. Those responsible for the current plight of this National Treasure have been identified by locals as:

Andreas Kourakis
Mayor Urban Planning, Planning & Networks
(T.Kykloforias, Municipal Works, Architectural)
Tel. 2310276329

Chasdai Capon
Mayor & Development Management Financial Resources
Tel. 2310877700

Athanasios Pappas
Mayor Cleaning & Recycling
(T.Kathariotitas and Engineering)
Tel. 2310494514
fax. 2310 494572

Konstantinos Zervas
Mayor & Free Space Environment
(T.Perivallontos & Green)

Tel. 2310530585
2310 535280
fax 2310 551859

We also strongly urge you to keep writing the Mayor of this Municipality

Mayor of the Municipality of Thermaikos
Mayor : Alexandris Ioannis
Phone 1 : (+30) 23923 30000
Phone 2 : (+30) 23923 30015
e-mail :
Fax : 23920 22368
Url site :